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Lynda - The Practicing Photographer (Update 11.05.2017)

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Lynda - The Practicing Photographer (Update 11.05.2017)
Lynda - The Practicing Photographer (Update 11.05.2017) | 14.13 GB

In The Practicing Photographer, photographer and teacher Ben Long shares a weekly serving of photographic instruction and inspiration. Each installment focuses on a photographic shooting scenario, a piece of gear, or a software technique. Each installment concludes with a call to action designed to inspire you to pick up your camera (or your mouse or smartphone) to try the technique for yourself.
Introducing The Practicing Photographer
The Practicing Photographer
01-Choosing a camera
02-Looking at light as a subject
03-Using a small reflector to add fill light
04-Editing photo metadata with PhotosInfo Pro for iPad
05-Let your lens reshape you
06-Compositing street photography images with Photoshop
07-Expand your filter options with step-up and step-down rings
08-Shooting without a memory card
09-Give yourself a year-long assignment
10-Working with reflections
11-Exploring mirrorless cameras
12-Batch processing photos with the Adobe Image Processor
13-Limiting yourself to a fixed-focal-length lens
14-Creating tiny worlds Shooting technique
15-Creating tiny worlds Post-processing techniques
16-Shooting macro shots on an iPhone
17-Using a tripod
18-Wildlife and staying present
19-Batch exposure adjustments on raw files
20-Why Shoot Polaroid
21-Seizing an opportunity
22-Four photographers do a light-as-subject exercise
23-Shooting macro bug photos with a reversed lens
24-Varnishing a photo for a painterly effect
25-Shooting wildlife
26-Discussion on how to shoot architecture
27-Using a lens hood
28-Working with themes
29-Setting up an HDR time lapse
30-Processing an HDR time lapse
31-Two perspectives on travel photography
32-Scanning Photos
33-Photo assignment shooting an egg
34-Reviewing the egg shot images
35-Shooting in your own backyard
36-Jpeg iPad import process
37-Shooting a product shot in open shade
38-Reviewing the product shotimages
39-Warming up
40-Taking a panning action shot
41-Scanning polaroid negatives and processing in Photoshop
42-Shooting a silhouette
43-Going with an ultra-light gear configuration
44-Working with masks and calculations in Photoshop
45-Working with flash for macro photography
46-Colorizing a black and white photo in Photoshop
47-Using duct tape and zip ties in the field
48-When the on camera flash is casting a shadow
49-Using Lightroom on the road
50-Listening to your camera to get good exposure
51-Shooting a successful self portrait with a phone
52-Switching to Lightroom from another application
53-Photographing animals in wildlife refuges
54-Shooting level
55-Photoshop and Automator
56-Shooting when the light is flat
57-Discussing the business of stock photography
58-Shooting tethered to a monitor
59-Making a 360 degree panorama on the iPhone
60-Understanding the three flash setup
61-Shooting a three flash portrait
62-Understanding the differences with third party lenses
63-Understanding why files look different on depending on device
64-Working with a geotagging app on the iPhone
65-Using high speed flash sync to dim ambient light
66-Using your iPad as a second monitor
67-Understanding exposure with a leaf shutter camera
68-Photography practice through mimicry
69-Canon wireless flash with built in radio control
70-Posing and shooting pairs of people
71-Shooting with a shape in mind
72-Shooting tethered to a laptop
73-Softboxes vs. umbrellas
74-Getting your project out into the world
75-Exploring how to think about shooting a new environment
76-Discussing the book "The Passionate Photographer" with Steve Simon
77-Highlighting iOS 8 updates on the iPhone5S
78-Exploring manual controls with iOS 8 and ProCamera
79-Understanding how to compose with an empty sky
80-Using an iPhone to make a print in the darkroom
81-How to use glycerin as a photography tool
82-Understanding micro focus adjustment and Lens Align
83-Working with hair in post
84-Taking a quick portrait and directing a subject
85-Getting inspired through the work of others
86-Taking a flattering portrait with flash
87-Creating an unaligned HDR image
88-Exploring how to use Bokeh
89-Shooting stills from a drone
90-Using a monitor to get a first person view of the aerial camera
91-Understanding lens profile correction
92-Working with models
93-Understanding the labels on SD cards
94-Setting up a macro time lapse of a flower
95-Taking a portrait that's tightly cropped or slightly obscured
96-Tips for shooting panoramas
97-Carrying a point-and-shoot camera
98-Adjusting the color of shadows in an image
99-Evaluating camera-strap options
100-The 100th Practicing Photographer
101-Using light-pollution maps for planning night shoots
102-Shooting a series of star shots for a stack
103-Stitching together stacks of stars
104-Understanding how to clean sensor dust
105-Dry sensor cleaning
106-Cleaning the sensor with moisture
107-Composing in the center
108-Working with an electronic shutter control
109-Understanding how to use the Wi-Fi feature in some cameras
110-Exploring the software equivalent to graduated ND (neutral density) filters
111-Don't be predictable in your framing
112-Shooting with ND filter and flash to balance subject and background exposure
113-Understanding when to go low contrast
114-Reasons for shooting images alone
115-Working with colored lens filters and converting to black and white
116-Waiting for a subject when the light is good
117-Understanding options for tripod heads
118-Shooting a slow-shutter zoom-and-spin shot for light effect
119-Shooting and processing a long exposure at night
120-Getting creative with image curation
121-Why equivalent lenses don't always meter the same
122-Pulling stills from a time lapse
123-Composing an image using what you have
124-Using good photography skills always
125-Converting an image to B&W with Lightroom and Photoshop
126-Critiquing images from a group photo event
127-Taking the "why not" kind of shot
128-Using a MIDI Lightroom controller
130-Thinking about shooting a metaphor image
131-Evaluating different lenses with the same focal length
132-Looking at anti-shine options for a natural looking portrait
133-Exploring monopod options
134-Shooting a product shot on black glass
135-Shooting three images without leaving your chair
136-Exploring options with high-speed video
137-Light painting with a drone at night
139-Taking a look at Google Photos
140-Using your iPad as a cintique for photo editing
141-The future of drone technology
142-Correcting a B&W image for print
143-Minimizing camera baggage
144-Using the Dehaze feature in Lightroom
145-What makes a good photograph
146-The importance of a catch light
147-Working without a tripod
148-Printer options
149-Looking at tilt shift options in post
150-Handing out business cards as a photographer
151-Shooting time-lapse panos with an egg timer
152-Developing a photographic style
153-Understanding the wide-angle macro lens
154-Shooting with a wide-angle macro lens
155-Avoiding the intimidation factor in photography
156-Editing photos using a bigger screen
157-Understanding JPEG profiles in raw processing
158-Exploring image processing in Snapseed
159-The relationship between saturation and brightness
160-Working with Smart Objects in Photoshop
161-Using a table or other surface to support a tiny tripod
162-Storytelling through photographic images
163-Understanding how cameras handle ISO and low light
164-Exploring lo-fi printing options
165-Making a transition from photo to video
166-Contrast and phase detection in cameras
167-IOS macro photography gear
168-Getting access to photographic subjects
169-Shooting a handheld macro focus stack
170-Post-processing a handheld macro focus stack
171-Understanding the job of a photojournalist
172-Converting a camera to infrared
173-Introduction to Bob Sober macro bug photographer
174-Finding a macro insect project to shoot
175-IR Conversion Part 2
176-Macro insect photography gear and setup
177-Raw editing in Lightroom mobile
178-Shooting a macro insect shot
179-Macro insect photo editing workflow
180-Editing an Infrared image
181-A brief history of photography
182-Workflow with Lightroom for mobile
183-You probably already have a full frame camera
184-How to look at a photograph
185-Shooting with a Petzval lens
186-Nighttime drone photography using a cube light
187-Photographing water from a drone at night using a second drone
188-Remembering that your photographic vision matters
189-Using the face detection built into the camera
190-Working with raw files on the iPhone
191-Using the gimble as a camera stabilizer
192-What is a low-pass filter
193-Exploring the Litchi software app for drone photography
194-Lindsay Addario's book "It's What I Do"
195-Photography with drones in an immersive view
196-F-stops vs t-stops Understanding what this means
197-Teleconverters and lenses
198-Cards speeds and newer formats in cameras
199-Recovering details and exposure settings
200-Understanding Raids and when to use them
201-Media card care
202-Dual slot
203-Adding EXIF viewer to your phone
204-Shooting raw on iOS and Android with other apps
205-Exploring smart previews
206-Shooting aerial photos from a helicopter
207-Camera raw filter in Photoshop




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